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AROPLUS (UK) LTD is expert in the world of air and fluid handling, Focusing primarily on the Ingersoll Rand product portfolio, but also marketing other world leading quality products.

Aroplus is one of the largest UK stockists of Ingersoll Rand Engine Air Starting Systems, including Turbine Air Starters, Vane Air Starters, Gas Turbine Starters and Barring Motors. Commonly used in the following industries.

Locomotive - Ingersoll Rand's ST900 and ST1000 turbine starters are ideal for locomotives. They have been specifically designed for applications involving large engines with slow-acceleration starts.

Marine - Ingersoll Rand's 150T, ST400, ST500, ST600, ST900, and ST1000 are ideal for a broad range of marine applications. They do not require any special protection or maintenance procedures to deliver top performance in moist and salty conditions.

Off-Highway - Ingersoll Rand's 150T, ST500, ST600, and ST1000 turbines are ideal for off-highway applications. Their rugged design can handle the worst operating conditions. Irregular operating schedules with long duration shutdowns pose no problem, as maximum starting power is always at your command.

Oil & Gas / Power Generation - Performance and efficiency make Ingersoll Rand's 150T, ST500, and ST1000 perfect for fast, reliable starting. Whatever the application - pipeline transmission, primary or auxiliary power supply - Ingersoll Rand turbine starters will live up to their rugged reputation.

Transportation - Ingersoll Rand's 150T turbine starter is ideal for public transportation. It thrives where temperature extremes and demanding schedules drive the application. Their reliability is the perfect match for frequent start cycles resulting from idling limitations and mandated engine shutdowns. Another good choice for buses is the 150BMP starter. It utilizes vane motor technology instead of the latest turbine technology.

Other Ingersoll Rand products we support include - ARO Pneumatic & Air Driven Products, such as Self Feed Drills (Also known as Auto Feed Drills), Air Hoists, Air/ Pneumatic Hand Tools: Sanders / Drills / Grinders / Impact Wrenches / Screwdrivers, we also offer the new range of Ingersoll-Rand Battery Operated Drills & Impact Wrenches.

Air Operated Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps and Piston Pumps. Ingersoll Rand and Aerius Compressors. Quick connect pipework and fittings and a fully fitted service centre and test rig.